Innovation Kinetics is an innovation and growth consultancy. Our portfolio spans big brands in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. We have more than 20 years of hands-on innovation experience, ranging from early idea generation to successful implementation, in blue chip organisations and across global markets and sectors.

We believe that successful innovation is about doing things differently and doing new things first.

Creativity is fuelled by curiosity. That means connecting with people in fresh ways, understanding their needs at a deep level. It is about finding imaginative solutions that make a difference to their lives. After all, who knew they needed an iPod - until they got one and wondered how they managed without it?

Innovation is about being structured. Setting strategic challenges and then having a clear, systematic approach to solving them through collaboration across departments.

Results in innovation come from constantly raising the game. Building ideas in ways that leverage the organisational and brand capability and finding business models that drive commercial success.

Our clients are already successful brands. Our job is to help them raise their game in innovation to deliver bigger results:

Bigger, better, breakthrough ideas

Ideas with commercial viability that the board will back

Committed teams, so ideas gain traction within the organisation.

In the world of science, kinetics is all about energy and momentum, and that's what we bring to your business.

The innovation process is all about human curiosity and finding new ways of building better stuff.